R.B. Shatsova and G.B. Anisimova

Rostov-on-Don Pedagogical University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

: ABSTRACT. The Universal Sky Net (USN) is proposed. Its elements correspond to the details of different scale structures. The examples of modeling by means of USN are cited for the system of globular clusters, for the galaxies of Local group and for the galaxies of two superclusters.
Keywords: Galaxies Superclusters: structure.

We submit into consideration the Universal Sky Net (USN). It joins such circles of coordinate systems as the ecliptical, the galactical, the Gould Belt, the su-pergalactical and other ones, but it have much more functions than it was before. The connections between these systems, which seemed independent before, were discovered in the frames of USN. So, the supergalactic equator A is orthogonal to the galactic equator MW and to the ecliptic E. The whole net is obtained by bnmching of the initial dimensionless triedr EΛΓ in the poles ξ, η and others. ξ-bunch contains 4 circles over every π/4; η -bunch - 6 circles over every π/6, etc (Fig. 1).

The circles of USN one can describe by the canonical equations of such type:

tg b = tg b* sin(l-l*); where 1*, b* - the coordinates of the circles knot and its inclination to the celestial equator. The numerical values of the parameters are presented in (Shatsova & Anisimova, 2003).

At present epoch ξ -pole coincides with the point of equinox, and η - with the point of solstice. But the USN is not connected with the precession as its poles are determined independently: η- is the pole of the super cluster of the galaxies. The verified correspondence of USN to the structures of all hierarchical levels of the Universe can be used for the natural modeling. The Fig. 2-5 show the examples of modeling for the similarly disposed structures. Owing to USN, the density waves parallel to E, were discovered in the nucleus of the globular cluster system, according to (Harris &; McMaster Univers, 2003). The connection of two Local groups of galaxies with E and Λ is fixed, according to (Vorontsov-Velyaminov, 1972). The main elements in the Vaucouleurs supercluster became more

Figure 1: The Universal Sky Net near one of the octants. E- ecliptic, - ecliptic pole, MW - the Galactic plane, V- the Galactic pole. ξ = ^=(equinox), η = (solstice), at least now. Γ╧Λ╧E; GB - the Gould belt, VD - the belt of Vacouleur - Dolidze. The spherical triangles:(E, Λ, Γ), (S, Γ, ╧Γ), (MW, Λ, ╧MW), etc The bunches of belts: ξ =X(E, ╧Γ, Λ, S), η(E, ╧MW, Γ, MW, F, ╧F,...), Z(Γ, GB, ╧VD, ╧Γ, ╧GB, VD), MV(Λ, ╧MW, T, ╧T)